Eat Fat Lose Fat by Dr. Mary Enig, Sally Fallon

By Dr. Mary Enig, Sally Fallon

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Our three diet plans—Quick and Easy Weight Loss, Health Recovery, and Everyday Gourmet—are all based on eating adequate amounts of good, healthy fat, especially the valuable saturated fat of the coconut . Think “healthy fat” is a contradiction in terms? Read on. Are You Fat Deficient? Dutifully following the anti-fat recommendations, many people are mystified when they get results contrary to those they’re led to expect. Or perhaps, like so many Americans, you suffer from one or more of these symptoms: Has your weight slowly been creeping up?

Price, a Cleveland dentist, launched a unique investigation. He had grown increasingly concerned about the declining health of his patients. Observing rampant tooth decay and crowded and crooked teeth, he noted that people with these dental problems invariably suffered from other health problems as well. Price believed that these problems were not hereditary but nutritional. He was skeptical that the diets his patients were consuming, based on sugar, white flour, and vegetable oils, could support good health.

But not to worry: once you’ve begun eating wholesome, traditional foods, the idea of fast food won’t tempt you in the slightest. The Scientific Turnaround on Fat Today, more physicians are beginning to admit that the anti-fat campaign hasn’t won the health-and-weight-loss war. Dr. Frank Hu, also of the Harvard School of Public Health, cautioned that “the exclusive focus on dietary fat has been a distraction in efforts to control obesity…” (our italics). Speaking to the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC), which is preparing the revised USDA Food Pyramid for 2005, Dr.

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