Eat and stay thin : simple, spiritual, satisfying weight by Joyce Meyer

By Joyce Meyer

Powerful October 1, 2002, Joyce Meyer's bestselling backlist is offered solely from Warner religion. And search for the 1st of a number of new significant books from Joyce starting in April 2003.

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You are supposed to do normal things. You are supposed to eat balanced meals. You are supposed to eat a little bit of everything you need without overdoing it. You are supposed to exercise enough to burn off what you eat so it doesn’t just stay on you. Don’t get trapped on the diet-go-round. I hope you won’t feel like stoning me when I say this, but I think if you have to be on a diet all your life you are in bondage. Now you may get on some healthy eating program and start learning good eating habits.

They recalled that most of the pleasant family times were on the weekends. The whole family, with sixteen children, sat in the family room, watched TV and ate popcorn on Saturday night, and on Sunday, ate candy their dad went out to buy for them that day. God showed them the main times they connected pleasure with food were on the weekends when they ate junk food in that fun setting. ” She immediately began eating her meals with everyone else and selecting more nutritious foods. Many times when we see the truth, we also see a simple change we can make to correct a problem, or we discover the situation and the solution are much less complicated than we imagined.

And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, You may freely eat of every tree of the garden. GENESIS 2:16 Genesis 2:16 was one of the first Scriptures God used to bring about a major change in my life when I first began to read and study His Word. Applying that Scripture brought victory in an area I had struggled with since childhood—controlling my weight. ” In other words, we are free to eat! ” It was amazing but not surprising to see the fear that crossed many of their faces. So many people who struggle with their weight have a fear of food because in the past it has mastered them instead of them mastering it.

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