Early Islamic Institutions: Administration and Taxation from by Abd Al-Aziz Duri

By Abd Al-Aziz Duri

The speedy growth of the early Islamic international is conventionally ascribed to a mix of fantastic army management and non secular fervor. during this publication, Abd-Al-Aziz Duri demonstrates how the expansion, improvement, and sturdiness of early Islamic governance derived from hugely refined structures of management (in which the belief of a Muslim ummah used to be the relevant characteristic) in addition to effective mechanisms for taxation and tax assortment. the truth that in a hugely dynamic interval of Islamic historical past a continuing process of management may suffer for numerous centuries, from the early Muslim conquests and the later Umayyad period to the top of Abbasid rule, is testimony to the political and organizational abilities of those early Muslim leaders. Duri's paintings makes an immense contribution to our figuring out of the way Islam validated itself and flourished as an enduring significant strength within the improvement of global history.

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199 This also explains to us why the emirs in the independent states were always insisting on ceremonial pacts to inherit the throne and overt displays, attempting thereby to accord their power a patina of legitimacy before the fuqahÆ≥ and the public. If we exclude the period of revival, we can say that the significance of the pact/covenant (≤ahd) did not persist. The nomination of the caliphate was carried out by influential figures among the Turks or the viziers. After that, the people used to give the bay≤ah to the caliph in public.

This is in the case where relations are good between us and he does not harbour an animosity towards us in his breast, but how would it be when you know what he thinks of us? Al-≤AbbÆs inquired about the reason for his resentment and Ibn al-FurÆt explained the mistreatment of him by Mu≈ammad bin DÆw∑d, Ibn ≤Abd∑n and Ibn al-Mu≤tazz, and he replied: Did he have anything to do when he was alone in his house other than to know of our situations and inquire about our losses and gains, and envy us for our prosperity?

AlMuktaf∞ died, so it would seem, without leaving an explicit pledge of succession. During his final illness, his vizier al-≤AbbÆs bin al-√asan attempted twice to nominate some of the sons of the caliphs for the caliphate (one of them being the son of al-Mu≤tamid and the other the son of alMutawakkil). In so doing he stirred up the doubts of al-Muktaf∞ who desired to keep the caliphate among the sons of his father, so he summoned the judges and made them witness the pledging of the pact succession to his brother.

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