Det One : U.S. Marine Corps U.S. Special Operations Command by John P Piedmont; United States. Marine Corps. History

By John P Piedmont; United States. Marine Corps. History Division

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One line under the paragraph “General Guidance” spoke volumes: “Remember most of all: I want tough, rugged and smart gunfighters. S. Special Operations Command Detachment was officially acti- Formation vated in a ceremony at the Camp Del Mar compound. In a compact formation, arrayed by elements, stood 89 Marines. Family, friends, fellow Marines, and guests packed bleachers and the seats. Among the dignitaries were figures that had prominent roles in the detachment’s formation, directly or indirectly, such as the former Commandant, General Paul X.

When the 8011 Bulletin for 2003 was being planned, there was no MCSOCom Detachment One. Therefore, no ammunition was allocated for its use. Laying legitimate claim to ammunition in the large quantities it would need for training would be a major hurdle for the logistics section. Another persistent problem in equipping the detachment was the process of open-purchase, which is the method by which a unit can legally buy a particular item rather than wait for its procurement and issue through normal channels.

Rutan. The Ohio native had enlisted in 1983 as an infantryman and transferred to the reconnaissance field in 1988, where he stayed for the bulk of his career. He was involved with Det One from the beginning. As the reconnaissance field’s first personnel monitor at Manpower and Reserve Affairs, Rutan had been part of the working group that sifted through the stack of record jackets to find the best Marines for the unit. Master Sergeant Mitchell had identified the billets in reconnaissance units to source the detachment while Rutan, the reconnaissance monitor, issued the orders for individual Marines, with the last set of orders being for him.

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