Deleuze and Guattari's Immanent Ethics: Theory, by Tamsin Lorraine

By Tamsin Lorraine

Explains how the paintings of Deleuze and Guattari speaks to feminism and different innovative movements.

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Deleuze and Guattari present an ontology of becoming where individual bodies are A Genealogy of (In)human Existence 35 conceived as being what they are in terms of their duration relative to other durations (rather than in terms of unchanging forms they instantiate). Life is one flow of creative evolution that continually transforms and invents new ways of being. What is real are not merely the forms that actually emerge, but the tendencies and potentials that could unfold in many more ways than actually occur.

This excess of meaning evokes the virtual that insists in every speech act and intimates the rich resources of time as durational whole and the intensities that inflect each and every present moment whether or not they actually unfold into new forms of life. Introduction 23 The conception of concepts as events of sense has important implications for feminist thinking: Concepts require careful attention to both nuances of meaning and the problems of specific space-times to be effective, they need to be evaluated in terms of life-experiments rather than how well they function within the parameters of already established debates, and they can and should mutate as problems shift.

The various abstract machines of feminist thought have engaged in precisely this kind of process with these kinds of joyous results in many occasions. It has provided new perspectives on impossible situations that have elicited the joyous creation of new selves and futures. Feminist theory always has had an open-ended structure that encouraged and elicited from its participants narratives of the lived experience of “minoritarian” subjects as well as imaginative outlooks based as much on passionate and imaginative response to the world as logical deduction.

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