Copular Clauses and Focus Marking in Sumerian by Gabor Zolyomi

By Gabor Zolyomi

This paintings is the 1st complete description of Sumerian structures regarding a copula. utilising the terminology of contemporary descriptive linguistics, it really is obtainable to either linguists and sumerologists. utilizing round four hundred absolutely glossed examples, the booklet presents an research of all makes use of of the copula and gives an outline of the morphological and syntactic units used to mark identificational, polarity and sentence concentration in Sumerian.

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45 (75) Karl hat sein Buch beendet. (76) Carl did finish his book. In the Hungarian ex. (77) below, the falling pitch accent on the verb after “János”, which functions as contrastive topic, indicates polarity focus expressing that “the denotation of the verb is implicitly contrasted to its negation, and thus the whole sentence is implicitly contrasted to propositions which state about other individuals that I did not see them” (Gyuris, 2009, p. 43). (77) [TC/Jánost] láttam. 48 In example (74) above, the prefix /ha/- expresses polarity focus.

82) is similar to ex. (81) in having an enclitic pronominal topic expression attached to a constituent in the comment. The 3rd ps. non-human enclitic possessive pronoun attached to the PC refers back to the legal case recorded on the tablet. The clause in ex. (82) is construed as being about this legal case; it asserts that its commissioner was a person named Dadu. Consequently its topic denotation is the legal case, but not Dadu, the S of the clause. (82) BPOA 1, 972 rev. 7 (Umma, 21st. ” A variation of (Bi) is a common pattern to topicalize complement clauses.

1: Genitive constructions of Sumerian a) The possessor is an overt lexical NP in the genitive case following the possessum. lugal iri=ak king city=gen “king of the city” b) The possessor is expressed both as a left-dislocated overt lexical NP in the genitive case and as a resumptive enclitic possessive pronoun attached to the possessum agreeing in gender, person, and number with the leftdislocated possessor. poss “of the city, its king” c) The possessor is expressed as an enclitic possessive pronoun attached to the possessum.

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