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5 Analysis and Testing Procedure. Every building design shall be evaluated to determine if the required comfort levels are achieved. When evaluating the quality of ventilation from a human comfort standpoint, it is important to consider the interior air distribution as well as the total amount of airflow. 5) shall be undertaken as early in the design process as possible to facilitate any necessary design changes. 1 Method 1. Perform the window sizing procedure (Appendix C, para. 2) for the worst two naturally ventilated months.

Refer to para. 3. Vegetation may be used to create positive and negative pressure zones for ventilation or to increase the windward area of the building. Per unit area, vegetation will not be as efficient as solid wingwalls in producing these effects, but it can be more cost effective than wingwalls because it can be much larger at a lower cost. 2 Increasing Wind Velocities. Vegetation can create areas of higher wind velocities by deflecting winds or by funneling air through a narrow opening. See Figure 15 and Appendix C, para.

Natural ventilation of buildings with large openings in the building envelope is inappropriate during months when appreciable heating or air conditioning is required unless the openings can be closed to thermal and infiltrative losses. In such cases, movable insulation shall be considered. 2 Condensation. Condensation may be a problem in buildings combining natural ventilation with mechanical air conditioning. Note that planning and design to minimize mechanical air conditioning loads does not always coincide with planning for natural ventilation.

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