Contemporary Architecture in China - Green Architecture by Weiju Yang, Catherin Chang

By Weiju Yang, Catherin Chang

Eco-friendly structure is helping advertise power saving and emission aid. The e-book provides the newest eco-friendly structure in China to the area. in the course of the 22 tasks we will see the chinese language architects figuring out and exploration of up to date eco-friendly structure. With the publication, you could comprehend extra in regards to the present state of affairs of eco-friendly structure in China and the way they observe glossy applied sciences into particular practices.

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Café/shop 6. Other supportive area and circulation 7. Exhibition area 8. VIP/lounge area 9. Conference 6 5 7 6 6 1 2 6 3 4 一层平面图: 1. 入口门厅 2. 接待、商店 3. 咖啡书屋 4. 餐厅/多功能厅 5. 咖啡/小卖部 6. 其他服务及交通空间 7. 展览 8. 贵宾室 9. 150人会议中心 063 5 5. Vertical view in the foyer 6. Internal glass façade in the foyer 5. 建筑门厅,水平垂直视图 6.

3. 辐射制冷 4. 南立面的光电伏板形成 悬臂表面,为玻璃幕墙 遮挡太阳辐射 5. 绿色空间和水塘 减少了热岛效应, 促进了被动制冷 6. 灌溉 7. 水回收单元 8. 雨水槽 9. 联合发电机 10. 吸收式热泵 11. 电池管理系统 管理主动和 被动策略, 以最小化 能源消耗 12. 4W/m2k 13. 被动式太阳能 设计在冬天 提供阳光吸收 14. 4W/m2k, FS=43% 15. 植物保护建筑不受 冬日寒风侵袭 16. 落叶植物保证了 冬天的太阳热量 和自然采光 17. 电力 18. 辐射供暖 033 PARKVIEW GREEN Beijing Integrated Design Associates Ltd. 乔福芳草地 北京 综合设计事务所 Gross Floor Area: 200,000m2 Completion Time: 2007 Architect: Integrated Design Associates Ltd. Photographer: Integrated Design Associates Ltd. Award: Best Green Building in Asia, Mipin Asia 2010 建筑面积:200000平方米 建成时间:2007年 建筑设计:综合设计事务所 摄影师:综合设计事务所 奖项:2010年米品亚洲大奖之亚洲最佳绿色建筑 The design concept is centred around a clear intention to provide the users of the development, comprising of a retail mall, commercial office space, and a six-star boutique hotel, with an internal environment that is tempered by nature to create microclimates that would give comfort to users even in the extreme climates of Beijing, and at the same time reduce the overall energy consumption of the building.

10. 地下制冷管为新鲜空气预制冷/预热 11. 交流通风被再利用于公共区域 12. 中庭置换通风的罗盘箱 13. 需求控制通风 14. 地下通风被再利用于制冷塔 15. 水制冷空调系统 16. 冷却天花板和地下交流通风 17. 为办公室提供自然通风的可控式窗 18. 地下交流通风 2 3 4 5 1 18 17 4 2 7 6 16 8 9 15 14 13 12 11 10 Spring & Autumn Seasons Summer Season Winter Season 春季和秋季 夏季 冬季 039 4 4. Office towers 5. View of internal suspension bridge from open public space of the mall 6. 236-metre-long internal suspension bridge 4. 塔楼 5. 在购物中心广场上仰望钢架步行桥 6. 长236米的钢架步行桥 Section 剖面图 040 5 6 041 7 8 042 Section 剖面图 9 7. Corridor of HOTEL ÉCLAT BEIJING 8.

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