Teach Yourself Xhosa by Beverley Kirsch, Silvia Skorge

By Beverley Kirsch, Silvia Skorge

Educate your self Xhosa is meant for all who're attracted to studying some of the most extensively spoken languages in South Africa. it truly is geared toward either South Africans and viewers to South Africa and those that are studying Xhosa from scratch, in addition to those that are looking to brush up their present abilities. anywhere attainable, the communicative point of the language has been emphasized to provide you a path that's helpful and useful. Cultural history and knowledge types a vital part of the direction and may assist you get the main out of a trip to South Africa. The publication is split into sixteen devices which diversity from simple capabilities and language utilization within the preliminary devices to a extra diverse and complicated utilization within the later devices. fabric from Xhosa literature and magazines will expand the variety of your language and should provide the self belief to head past the pages of the ebook. The publication (0 340 87111 three) is followed via audio fabric on cassettes (0 340 87113 X) or CDs (0 340 91391 6) that are to be had individually or including the ebook in packs (book/cassette pack: zero 340 87112 1; book/CD pack: zero 340 91390 8).

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Itbhedlele. ,khayâ. I âm going to uriverrity. I âm going to hospitâI. I âm going (to) home. Not€: The verb 'ükuyâ' = 'to go to' is usedwhen a destination,diÌection is mentioned-'ljkuhamba' = 'to go' in the seÍse of leave, depaÍ (also walk) is not üs€d when â d€stinâtion is mentioned: Núyúâmbâ. Ndiyâ edolophri. unfortunately luckily With o langudge trorrslat ng 'in' Yintoni leyo ngêsiNgesi? Wïat is dìis iì English? Uthinì ngesixhosa? W1Ìatdo you sayin )ttDsa? ng4-+a-=nga- You alreadyknow that ú) expÍessthe English p€positions 'at', 'rtr', ro'.

Rll schools eveÍyahir'€ drl things all mâ*ind all úE food RemembeÍ:in the câseof noms prefixrDg'rrÌn-' the associatedconsonant is 'w-' ând iÍ the caseof nounspÍefixing 'ími' I 'ï' | 'ín' | 'ín: lhe associated consonânt is 'y-'. Notei No concordin Ctass6 (arrr-). -onke'câÌìâìsobe usedwith 'si-' = 'we' ând'ni-'= 'you' (pÌ-): YizaÌìi apha,oúÌe. All of you come heÍe. They inclÌrdethe numeËls 1 { as well asthe following adjectivalstens: 94 XHOSA - UNIÌó -nve bini -thathu two tbÌee -hlanu -thandathu = beautitul = bâd,uCty 'hle -bi = long, tall, far : shoÍt -d€ -frrtlhâne = neâI = yoÌìng,fresh Juphi -tsha = old, stâle = mâny -dâlâ -ninzi = linle -ígâphi?

Ikhâyq > ili2ïrg > ímsebenzi > irtkola > lThek! > BuÍ -u > -int after: f: ikofu ph: idolopbu qkhsycl3li* leúü elizwc4i emsebenzfu! csìktlwc4i gThel$a4! ,D]utban > ekoÍini > edoloph,r,i rr tte colïee at I in / Íôü / to towa Not€: *et\hâyâ > ekìây€rt whenfollowed by a possessive_ g How to apply it I ô9 DeÍive úe appropriate occupations Írom the verbs -akhâ "bhâlâ buiÌd -culâ -fotâ -guqula -lâ$r a -üúâ -phâtba -qeq€sha sing to tâke photos -thengtua -thwala sell(' thenga'= 'buy') fãm parnt,dÍaw Compl€te the dialogüe * Whâi is the EngÌishtranslationof úis occupation?

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