The Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning German on Your Own by Alice; Muller, Stephan Muller

By Alice; Muller, Stephan Muller

There are a lot far better books in the market. This booklet virtually has no constitution and no content material, i do not understand how they made it four hundred pages. I bought very pissed off with it. simply get the rest.

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Compounding Your German Vocabulary You're likely to come across German compound words in everything you read from popfiction to political essays to letters to the editor in your local rag. Because the possible combinations of nouns are practically unlimited, you can actually create your own compound words pretty much as you please by linking nouns together. The good news is that this is why the German language has been of such particular use to so many great thinkers. They have been able to express new concepts and ideas by making up brand new words.

Get Serious. The following are some (more) serious reasons why you might want to study German. • You're a businessperson. A united Germany is redefining itself in the world market-place and it is becoming increasingly necessary for people interested in expanding their business opportunities to have a working knowledge of German. After the near collapse of the economy in the wake of World War II, Germany soon developed into one of the world's most powerful trading nations, second only to the United States.

And remember, there are many different regional accents in Germany—your accent will fit in among them somewhere! • Don't be intimidated by Germans. They are a hospitable people and are impressed by anyone who tries to speak their language. After all, when you encounter someone who speaks English as a second language, don't you generally discount the small errors they make and marvel instead that this person speaks as well as he or she does? Germans will feel that way about you when you omit a preposition or use an incorrect verb tense.

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