Colloquial Russian 2: The Next Step in Language Learning by Svetlana Le Fleming

By Svetlana Le Fleming

Colloquial Russian 2 is designed to aid these keen on self-study; dependent to provide you the chance to hear and skim plenty of smooth, daily Russian,

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O (li´dery) perevoro´ta? Q nihego´ ne zna´ [ o (oni´). 7 El;cin byl v (Be´lyj dom) a organiza´ tory perevoro´ta by´ li v (Kreml;). Vocabulary ♦ zaseda´ t; to sit (of parliament) Exercise 11 Answer the questions in Russian. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Gde Gde Gde Gde Gde Gde Gde naxo´ditsq Be´lyj dom? byl Gorbahe¨ v vo vre´mq perevoro´ta? naxo´ditsq Krym? zaseda´ et parla´ ment? byla´ mili´ciq? byl El;cin? by´ li organiza´ tory perevoro´ta? 28 | Russia and the Russian language Reflexive pronouns In addition to the personal pronouns and possessive pronouns referred to above, there is the reflexive pronoun sebq´ and the reflexive possessive pronoun svoj.

Ix argume´nty: v rezul;ta´ te stroi´tel;stva unihto'a´ etsq mno´go zeme´l;, vyruba´ [tsq lesa´ . No s drugo´j storony´ , 'eleznodoro´'nyj tra´ nsport \kologi´heski vse¨ e]e¨ hi´]e drugi´x. On vybra´ syvaet v vo´zdux v 20 raz me´n;we vre´dnyx ve]e´stv, hem avtomobi´l;nyj. Sredi´ 'eleznodoro´'nyx magistra´ lej Mosko´vskaq 'ele´znaq doro´ga zanima´ et oso´boe me´sto. Bu´duhi stoli´hnoj magistra´ l;[ ona´ menq´etsq bystre´e drugi´x. De´vqt; mosko´vskix vokza´ lov – vizi´tnaq ka´ rtohka stoli´cy. Za posle´dnie go´dy u´roven; obslu´'ivaniq na vokza´ lax stal namno´go vy´ we, uslu´g dlq passa'i´rov sta´ lo bo´l;we.

For aspects in relation to verbs of motion see Unit 2. Subjunctive In addition to the five tenses described above Russian also has a subjunctive, formed by using the particle by with the past tense: Q sde´ lala by ‘I would have done it’. Fuller information on the subjunctive is given in Unit 11. ’. For fuller information on this imperative see Unit 2. Dava´ j / dava´ jte, imperative of dava´ t;, is used with the first person plural (my form) of the future perfective to form a first person imperative: Dava´ jte sde´ laem ‘Let’s do it’.

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