College trigonometry by William Le Roy Hart

By William Le Roy Hart

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56 FIG. 57 y=cotx FIG. 55 y=cos x ILLUSTRATION2. In Figure 54, bet\\eell - 1 anu + 1, inclusive. If x rises, or sin x increases from 0 to 1.

4. If x approaches zero as a limit, 10gbx decreases without bound, or becomes negatively infinite. *EXERCISE 21 Find each logarithm by use of fo r-place or five-place co to logarithms 1. log, 75. 2. log, 1360. 3. loglb 33. 4. log12 100. 5. log, 10. 6. 05 7. 097. 8. log. 001. 9. 8 10. b 185. 11. 3681. Note 1. We see that, if two numbers differ only in the position of the decimal point, their natural logarithms do not differ by an integer. This fact, as compared to Theorem I, page 38, causes us to prefer common logarithms for computation 12.

25. 27. log log log log log log tan sin cot tan tan sin a a a a a a 18. Hence, as below, we find that a is 24/45 of the way from 74° 17' to 74° 18'. 5, to nearest tenth. 5'. 5'. 47. Accuracy of certain results If the logarithm of some function of an unknown angle a is given, we find a by use of the four-place Table VI or five-place Table IX according as the given logarithm is specified to four or to five decimal places, respectively. Then, we agree to state the resulting value of a as follows: .

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