Ciba Foundation Symposium 207 - Antibiotic Resistance:

Antibiotic Resistance: Origins, Evolution, choice and unfold Chairman: Stuart B. Levy 1997 during the last 50 years, the swift bring up within the use of antibiotics, not just in humans, but additionally in animal husbandry and agriculture, has introduced a variety remarkable within the heritage of evolution. as a result, society is dealing with one in every of its gravest public future health problems-the emergence of infectious micro organism with resistance to many, and every so often all, on hand antibiotics. This publication brings jointly a multidisciplinary staff of specialists to debate this challenge. It starts off through studying the origins of resistance and is going directly to examine how using antibiotics in human medication and farming/agriculture has chosen for resistant micro organism. Separate chapters describe the evolution of resistance determinants and the way those are unfold either inside of and among bacterial species. ultimately, the publication comprises discussions on concepts for countering the specter of antibiotic resistance. a massive re-thinking of our method of the therapy of infectious illnesses is proposed-that antibiotic resistance might be obvious as an issue created by way of the disruption of standard microbial ecology. to revive efficacy to previous antibiotics, and to keep up the luck of recent antibiotics which are brought, we have to use those medications in a fashion that guarantees an ecological stability that favours the predominance of vulnerable micro organism.


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Lactams are produced by organisms in soil. One of the first bacteria found to produce a monobactam, Chromobacter violuceum, also produces a P-lactamase which does not recognize the monobactam as a substrate. Therefore there is some evidence from soil isolates that this is a protection mechanism. Duvies: Surprisingly, many of the resistant organisms have very effective plasmidborne mutator genes. The plasmids seem to have been constructed with the functions necessary to help in the evolution of a resistance gene, for example to edit for its functional expression in a heterologous host.

However, that single mutation in mar protects the cell from the bactericidal effect of the quinolones (Goldman et a1 1996). The mutation creates a large population of bacteria that potentially can mutate to higher level resistance. We do not know whether achieving methicillin resistance protects the cell from other drug-related effects. When you try to select penicillin-resistant Sfreptococct/spneumoniaewith penicillin, you cannot achieve very high resistance; but, if you use third generation cephalosporins in selection, you can.

Target mutations are not so common in clinical isolates, for example streptomycin resistance in E. coli, which occurs at low frequency. They can be isolated with relative ease in the laboratory. Bacterial geneticists thought that mutation to resistance was not going to be a problem in the clinical use of antibiotics because the mutation rate of streptomycin resistance in E. coli is 1 in lo9. As I mentioned, although M. tuberculosis is a special case, ciprofloxacin resistance occurs commonly in Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates.

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