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Zaphnathpaaneah, “Parable of the Lame Boy and the Blind Horse,” Nauvoo Neighbor 1:9 (28 June 1843) is a letter defending Smith’s real estate practices that is difficult to attribute to anyone but Smith or his ghostwriters. ” The Book of Mormon (Ether 13:6– 8) uses the Joseph in Egypt story as a “type” to explain the founding of a New Jerusalem in America, invoking a parallel between Egypt and ancient America. 64 This document, apparently one Smith’s financier showed to academic classicists in 1828, was transferred to David Whitmer with a manuscript of the Book of Mormon and ultimately came into possession of the then –Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

See useful discussion of Campbellite millennialism in Richard Hughes and Leonard Allen, Illusions of Innocence: Protestant Primitivism, 1630– 1875 (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1988), 108–110. Clarke, Holy Bible, 1:87, took a longer-term view of Babel as a story about religious sectarianism. 57 Hughes and Allen, Illusions of Innocence, 109. 58 [Parley Pratt], “Manchester, May 10th, 1841,” Millennial Star 2:1 (1 May 1840): 9, reprinted in Times and Seasons 3:5 (1 January 1842): 646. 59 Erastus Snow, “On Priesthood,” Times and Seasons 2:19 (2 August 1841): 490.

Brown and Parsons, 1849), 46– 50. 53 Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nature. Addresses, and Lectures ([1836] Boston: James Munroe, 1849), 27– 28. 54 Schmidt, Hearing Things, 208. 55 Benjamin S. , The Testimony of Christ’s Second Appearing, 2nd ed. : E. and E. Hosford, 1810), 412, 605. See discussion in Holifield, Theology in America, 331. JOSEPH (SMITH) IN EGYPT 39 of Nature and Youngs one of the Spirit, they could agree that ordinary words failed to communicate higher truths. Human language kept aspiring believers from eternal truth.

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