Chinese Calligraphy by Chen Tingyou

By Chen Tingyou

Via 18 chapters and 60,000 chinese language characters, chinese language Calligraphy provides info on issues of calligraphy resembling its background and evolution, the calligraphic strokes for characters, and biographies of well known calligraphy artists. There also are instructions on primary calligraphy talents. With colour and b&w pictures.

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Chinese Calligraphy 48 Single characters. Composed of left, middle and right parts Composed of left and right parts Composed of top and bottom parts Composed of top, middle and bottom parts Composed of one part on the top and two parts on the bottom Encircled character Compound characters. Semi-encircled character Composed of two parts on the top and one part on the bottom Beauty of Composition attention to the balance of the lines of the character; 49 otherwise, it will look ugly. Traditionally, calligraphers have stressed the evenness of the character’s makeup, the proper length of its vertical and horizontal strokes and the suitability of darkness and lightness.

Later, you can diverge from the models. If you want to become a famous calligrapher you have to copy several model books and finally write characters freely and establish your own style. Satisfaction comes from a comparison of your skill today with that of yesterday rather than a comparison of your skill with that of others. While using the strength of your fingers, wrist and arm, you will use the strength of your waist and legs too in writing characters. If you stand when writing, you can exercise all the parts of your body.

In addition, in distance, there are Yuquan Hill and the Western Hills. Yuquan Hill changes in different seasons, on sunny or rainy days, and in the morning or at noon, which makes the garden more charming and attractive. In calligraphy, the characters and blanks appear simultaneously when the dots and strokes are placed on the paper. They can not be revised. Unlike other arts such as painting, especially oil painting, when there is time for the painter to think about and revise the painting time and again, calligraphy is strict, and needs a delicate, Beauty of the Whole Work 57 The Summer Palace in Beijing.

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