Checking Iran's Nuclear Ambitions by Henry Sokolski, Patrick Clawson

By Henry Sokolski, Patrick Clawson

CONTENTS Preface Patrick Clawson advent Henry Sokolski Checking Iran's Nuclear objectives: file concepts NPEC undertaking on Iran Iran's "Legal" Paths to the Bomb Victor Gilinsky Iran's inner Struggles GeneiveAbdo The customers for Regime switch in Iran S. Rob Sobhani profitable Iranian Hearts and Minds Abbas William Samii U.S.-Iranian Strategic Cooperation because 1979 Geoffrey Kemp The demanding situations of U.S. Preventive army motion Michael Eisenstadt in regards to the Authors

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Enrichment capacity is expressed in units of “separative work units” (SWU)–kilograms per year, or sometimes in tons SW per year. 22 The separative work requirement is not precise because it depends on how the enrichment plant is run. 3 percent uranium-235. By raising the tails assay, by “skimming the cream” of a larger amount of feed material, one can reduce the amount of separative work required. The total enrichment capacity of the plant is the sum of the individual enrichment capacities of the components―in this case, centrifuges.

19 • Provide counternarcotic assistance. The United States already is trying to stem the flow of Afghani drugs (the key source of Iranian drug users). It should augment these efforts and publicize what it has accomplished there. The UN Office for Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has an office in Tehran and is working to help reduce drug sales and use in Iran. S. S. contributions to international organizations. This prohibition has been waived for Iran in the cases of the IAEA and UNICEF. The President has not yet waived it for UNODC, though.

Yet if North Korea had not been so foolish as to cheat, but instead had let the IAEA watch its pre-1992 reprocessing, there would not have been grounds for objection, at least under 34 the treaty. Iran has taken a more sophisticated approach and is cleverly exploiting the weaknesses of the NPT. We cannot keep our fingers in the nuclear dike forever. We need a rule that limits what is acceptable in terms of civilian nuclear power technology to that there is a greater safety margin between it and possible military application.

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