Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker: Major Texts in Physics by Michael Drieschner

By Michael Drieschner

This ebook provides a set of texts by means of the German physicist and thinker Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker (1912-2007), to be used in seminars at the heritage, epistemology and constitution of physics. such a lot texts seem in English for the 1st time. Weizsäcker grew to become well-known via his works in physics, in most cases within the early improvement of nuclear physics. Later he could additionally turn into popular as a thinker and analyst of latest tradition. Texts comprise the unique guides of the “Weizsäcker-Bethe formulation” of nuclear lots and the “Bethe-Weizsäcker cycle,” and is the reason the resource of power within the solar; either have been constructed through Bethe while and independently of Weizsäcker. extra texts care for Weizsäcker’s rationalization of the foundation of planets, his clarification of the “time arrow” in Statistical Mechanics and his analyses of Quantum Mechanics and the constitution of physics in general.

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3 Vortices in the preplanetary gas state of the gas envelope with the least internal friction and that it is stable for just that reason. Now, if at the inner and outer edges of the gas envelope matter is constantly streaming away, inwardly into the Sun and outwardly into space, then this material can be constantly supplemented from the adjacent vortices; the vortices act like water wheels. The boundary areas between the vortices are precisely what is important for the formation of planetary bodies.

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Finally, there remains not another internal contradiction but an open question: The theory does not tell us where the original rotation of the system comes from. I cannot go into the numerous more recent hypotheses supposed to replace Kant’s. Now I want to describe how according to my suppositions the problems with Kant’s theory can be removed when current-day astrophysical knowledge is consistently applied. 2 Today the following can be said about this: All bodies in the world as we know it consist of the same chemical elements: only the mixture ratio between the elements exhibits certain variations.

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