Geometric, Physical, and Visual Optics by Michael P. Keating

By Michael P. Keating

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5a). 5b and c). 5d). In other words, the optically real image point is the point toward which the light is converging. The center of curvature of the wavefront that is leaving the system can be located by drawing in the corresponding rays. These rays are of course converging and will pass through the center of curvature in those cases where the physically real image is formed. 5 A converging wavefront leaving the system: a, exiting wavefront and its center of curvature C; b, wavefronts converging to C; c, wavefronts and rays; d, brick wall does not change location of C but blocks light from reaching C.

Occasionally, cataracts develop and grow in the crystalline lens. The cataracts degrade vision by scattering light, which causes the retinal image to become washed out. One cure for cataracts is to surgically remove the crystalline lens. The resulting eye has no accommodative abilities but is correctable with spectacle lenses, contact lenses, or intraocular lens implants. An eye without a crystalline lens is called an aphakic eye (a ˆ without; phakic ˆ Latin for lens). PROBLEMS 1. 2. 24 Hyperope: a, unaccommodated and viewing a distant object; b, accommodated and viewing a distant object; c, accommodated and viewing a near object.

In our everyday lives, we are familiar with the images formed by mirrors. However, your image formed by a flat bathroom mirror is not a real image. The light leaving the bathroom mirror is diverging, not converging. Nevertheless, the mirror's image is clearly visible and has some of its own characteristics. For example, when you wave your left hand at your image in the mirror, it waves its right hand back at you. Spherical diverging mirrors are now commonly used for security purposes as well as for giving an increased field of view in automobile and truck mirrors.

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