Building Tablet PC Applications by Rob Jarrett

By Rob Jarrett

Offers an authoritative dialogue of pen-based consumer interfaces and offers an in-depth exposition of the capsule laptop Ink SDK, whole with improvement information and tips

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The user†s physiology also creates some design concerns for applications that expect pen interaction. We suggested several ways to address these usability challenges. We then considered how ink is modeled and interacted with in your application. Finally we explored how your application works with the Tablet PC Platform to create a sense of realism in the digital ink that†s generated. We have now formed the mental foundation behind designing Tablet PC applications. Starting with the next chapter, we dive right into the specifics of the Tablet PC Platform SDK, which will give you the necessary tools to write your own well-designed Tablet PC applications.

The good news is that users, after prolonged use, tend to adapt to parallax. As they come to anticipate a difference between where they think the pen points and where the system thinks it points, they become more adept at using the pen. In the meantime, it†s helpful to have onscreen cursor feedback to mitigate this problem. 34 35 Still Motion One of the user†s most immediate challenges when using a Tablet PC is the difficulty of holding the pen steady. Muscles in a human body are not wired to hold absolutely still.

For instance, you might say that the lasso selects all strokes that fall at least 60 percent within the lasso. The interesting part is in calculating whether a stroke meets this criterion. Because two strokes that look identical can contain a different number of points (depending on how fast the stroke was drawn), a perfect percentage-based calculation is hard to arrive at. Further complicating the issue is pressure-sensitive ink, which can be thicker in some parts and thinner in others. Fortunately, the Tablet PC Platform SDK provides a simplified algorithm for lasso selection.

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