Architecture and Feminism by Elizabeth Danze, Debra Coleman

By Elizabeth Danze, Debra Coleman

During the last a number of many years, feminists and designers have independently constructed evaluations of contemporary Western assumptions and cultural practices. Architecture and Feminism addresses the intersection of those probably disparate fields via a full of life and various selection of essays and initiatives, together with interdisciplinary investigations of literature, social background, domestic economics, and artwork history.

Articles learn such diversified themes as Niki de Saint-Phalles exuberant building-sized lady sculpture Hon, the aesthetics and politics of the Playboy bachelor pad, Edith Wharton's principles on family structure, and the Legend of grasp Manole, a disquieting japanese eu folktale that prescribes the ritual entombment of ladies within the partitions of structures, whereas visible tasks take famous buildings by way of Philip Johnson and Louis Sullivan as issues of departure for a feminist analyzing of architectural historical past. instead of featuring a unmarried, didactic place, this assortment bargains a variety of clean voices to explain the cross-connections and shared issues among structure and feminism.

Contributors to Architecture and Feminism contain Manuela Antoniu, Vanessa Chase, Deborah Fausch, Molly Hankwitz, Susan R. Henderson, Amy Landesberg, Lisa Quatrale, Christine S. E. Magar, Mary McLeod, and George Wagner.

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Le Corbusier's chapel at La Tourette, whose dark, high, oblong shape must be experienced more by the reverberation of sound and the movement of the body than by sight, comes to mind as an architecture that can be claimed as feminist in this way. C. Cut into the flat lawn of the capital, the memorial is invisible from a distance.

Andreas Papadakis, Architectural Design Profile No. 87 (London: Academy Editions, 1994); and Edward Soja, Postmodmr Geographies: 'The Reassertio11 of Space i11 Critical Social 'Theory (London: Verso, 1989). To the best of my knowledge, Porphyrios's book, based on his Princeton doctoral dissertation, was the first architecture publication in the English·speaking world to cite Foucault's notion of heterotopia. Anthony Vidler was his doctoral advisor. Although Vidler does not specifically mention heterotopia in 'The Architectural Uncan11y, he cites Foucault on numerous occasions and adopts David Carroll's notion of "paraesthetics," which is indebted to Foucault.

Mary McLeod, "Architecture and Politics in the Reagan Era: From Postmodernism to Deconstructivism," Assemblage, no. 8 (February 1989), 50-51. 7· Peter Eisenman, "Carnegie-MeUon Research Institute," in Decorutroction: Omnibus Volume, 172-73. , "Conversation with Peter Eisenman," in Cities ofArtificial Excavation: The Work of Peter Eisenman, 1978-1988, ed. Jean-Fran~ois Bedard (Montreal: Centre Canadien d'Architecture and Rizzoli, 1994), 128. 8. Italian philosopher Gianni Vattimo also uses the notion "heterotopia," though in a different manner from Foucault.

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