An outline of Silozi grammar by George Fortune, Mubanga E. Kashoki

By George Fortune, Mubanga E. Kashoki

First released as a bankruptcy in Language in Zambia: Grammatical Sketches by means of the Institute of African stories (now the Institute of financial and Social study) in 1977, this can be the second one in a sequence of person courses on Zambian languages and grammar. The goal of the sequence is to spice up the meagre scholarship and availability of academic fabrics on Zambian languages, which grew to become quite in pressing in 1996, following the choice of the Zambian govt to revert to the coverage of utilizing neighborhood languages as media of guideline. This quantity presents a grammatical caricature of Lozi, a language concerning the Sotho language team, and one of many languages spoken because the lingua franca everywhere in the Western Province of Zambia. it really is spoken at the primary Barotse simple to the north and south of Mongu and on each side of the Zambezi river, all of the option to Livingstone, the place it's the major African language in use, and a substantial distance inland. it's the moment administrative language of the rustic after English. The research offers a finished survey of all of the significant grammatical good points of the language.

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Biz-elez- (callall) b) V€rbal extensionsìr,,hichrestrict the collocational relationships of verb rad;calsand verb phmses, (5),/-Ír"-/(Associâtive: actionor stateaffectingpartsof awholein common) e-9. tn- (crowdtogetheÍ) cp. -bon- (see) (beaudible) cp. -utt|- (h€ar) (be left) cp. -si- (leave) (get lost) cp. Jat (thrcw away) (be feasibÌe) cp. -er- (do) -sub-eh- (bedr€adtul) cp. g. - (be known) cp. -zib- (know) -brE-w- (be asked) cp. -brE- (ask) Job'w- (be bÍokeú) cp. Job- (break) -zamay-w- (be walked) cp.

The most complexunit is the setrtence(level V). Its constituentsaxeclsus€s(leveÌ tV). e subjectand pledicâtg an iíÍlected verb phÌâse (levelItr). The constituedsofthe inflected vob phraseare the verbal inflections ând the verb phrase (level II). The verb Íedical (level I) is the nuclear constituentof the veib phrase. THE VERB RADICAL Radicalsmay be simple& adoplive, derived, extended or rFdüplicated. g. -hul- (grow) cp. | (to gow) -lim- (cultivate) cp. 1 (to cultivate) Commonly simplex radicals consist phonologically of consonant-vowe!

Linja zee-zumahande (dogswhich hunt well) cp. g. batho baba-bonahrÌnde (peoplewho seewell) cp. g. mucahayaa-sehahahulu (a young nÌanwho laughsloudly) cp. ) lubilo (spê€d) 0 l) (naked) (nakedness) (6) (bad) (evil) (6) (strong) Gtr€ngth) (6) (waler) (6) (delicious) (goodtâste) (3) (kind, good) (mercy) (3) (difficulty) (e) -boi (cowardly) -bakíti -cwalo cp. g. mezi tata linja zee-buhali (savage dogs) (10) mucahayaa-r ata (a strongyoung man) (l) pizi yeeJubìlo (a swift horse) (9) (at a wet place) (17) Negâtive forms of the Ìelative infleated stems are formed by prefixing the negativesign /-si-l to the relativ€ stem.

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