An Autosegmental Analysis of Venda Tonology by Farida Casimjee

By Farida Casimjee

First released in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa corporation.

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The Tonology of the Simple Noun 43 Consider, for example, the case of mu-kalaha (post-High pronunciation: mti-kalaha). r H L L I II. V mu-kalaha LD inapplicable MR H L L L V mu-kalaha HTS FS We see inapplicable that the analysis provides an essentially appropriate derivation except that It ends up with a Falling tone on the antepenult vowel rather than the necessary level High tone. Clearly, the correct result can be obtained if we posit an additional rule that takes the Falling tone generated by High Tone Spread and simplifies it to High.

23) claims that only the first High in the sequence would remain. e. HHH -> HLH. ), then (23) would fall to account for the data and a left-to-right iterative application of the original form of Meeussen's Rule would be motivated. e. HHH is converted to HLH not HLL). It Is, perhaps of interest to note that in the Karanga dialect of Shona, which we have noted already is tonally clearly related to Venda, there is an analog of Meeussen's Rule which can be shown to operate in an alternating fashion as well.

But in fact, in all the examples involving the prefixed nouns, underlyingly there was a Low-toned TBU (the noun class prefix) located between the High on the first stem 56 The Tonology of the Simple Noun vowel and the High of the preceding word. We claimed that this Low tone Is deleted by a rule of Low-Deletion (a more complete justification for this rule will emerge in this section). Suppose that we had claimed that Instead of actually deleting, the initial Low of the noun just delinks, remaining in the tonal tier.

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