Algebra: Form and Function by William G. McCallum, Eric Connally, Deborah Hughes-Hallett

By William G. McCallum, Eric Connally, Deborah Hughes-Hallett

This publication deals a clean method of algebra that specializes in educating readers tips on how to really comprehend the rules, instead of viewing them simply as instruments for different kinds of arithmetic. It is dependent upon a storyline to shape the spine of the chapters and make the fabric extra enticing. Conceptual workout units are integrated to teach how the data is utilized within the genuine global. utilizing symbolic notation as a framework, enterprise execs will come away with a tremendously more suitable ability set.

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5 71. 53f REVIEW EXERCISES AND PROBLEMS FOR CHAPTER 1 In Problems 73–75 assume v tickets are sold for $p each and w tickets are sold for $q each. 73. What does the expression vp + wq represent in terms of ticket sales? 94. Group expressions (a)–(f) together so that expressions in each group are equivalent. Note that some groups may contain only one expression. 2 3 5 10 (a) + (b) (c) k k 2k 2k 74. Write an expression for the average amount spent per ticket. 75. Suppose v = 2w and q = 4p. Rewrite the expression in Problem 73 in terms of w and q.

There could be other solutions as well. With some equations, it is possible to see from their structure that there is no solution. Example 6 Solution For each of the following equations, why is there no solution? 3x + 1 (a) x2 = −4 (b) t = t + 1 (c) =1 3x + 2 (d) √ w + 4 = −3 (a) Since the square of any number is positive, this equation has no solutions. (b) No number can equal one more than itself, so there are no solutions. (c) A fraction can equal one only when its numerator and denominator are equal.

26. Quabbin Reservoir in Massachusetts provides much of Boston’s water. At the start of 2009 the reservoir contained 412 billion gallons of water. 20. If x + y + z = 25, find the value of (y − 10) + (z + 8) + (x − 5). 21. If xyz = 100, find the value of (3x)(2y)(5z). x 22. If xyz = 20, find the value of (2z)( )(6y). 4 23. Rewrite the expression a + 2(b − a) − 3(c + b) without using parentheses. Simplify your answer. 24. A car travels 200 miles in t hours at a speed of r mph. If the car travels half as fast but three times as long, how far does it travel?

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