Advances in Glass and Optical Materials, Volume 173

This court cases quantity comprises papers at the present examine and improvement within the sector of glass and optical fabrics. Papers contain themes on glasses for bioapplications, glass fibers for optical and insulating purposes, glass-ceramics, phosphate glasses, patent looking out, and more.Content:

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The non-linear variation of the physical properties with Tl-ratio has been termed the "mixed transition-ion effect" or MTE. The similarities between MTE and MAE as regards the variation of p and W are remarkable because MTE is electronic in nature while MAE has its origin in ionic motion. MTE has been tentatively ascribed2 to increased Anderson localization3 of the carriers which takes place on account of increased configurational disorder as two TIs are progressively mixed. To gain a comprehensive insight regarding the origin of MTE, it was of interest to investigate the electrical and optical properties of phosphate glasses containing different combinations of TIs (Tl-glasses) such as Fe and Mn in xP 2 0 5 - (100-x) (Fe203+MnO) and V and Mn in xP 2 0 5 - (100-x) (V2O5 + MnO), hereafter referred to as the PFM and PVM glasses, respectively.

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