Grammaire. 350 exercices, niveau supérieur 1 - Corrigé des by Collective, J C Cueilleron, Cadiot-Cueilleron

By Collective, J C Cueilleron, Cadiot-Cueilleron

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It was a study in colors now, this smoke; in the sunset light it was black and brown and gray and purple. All the sordid suggestions of the place were gone—in the twilight it was a vision of power. To the two who stood watching while the darkness swallowed it up, it seemed a dream of wonder, with its talc of human energy, of things being done, of employment for thousands upon thousands of men, of opportunity and freedom, of life and love and joy. "% Spanish arm: brazo, armar, el brazo, arma. brown: marrón, pardo, moreno, dorar, castaño.

Skeptically: escépticamente. strings: instrumentos de cuerda, cuerdas. stupendous: estupendo. sunshine: sol, solana. tails: colas. tallow: sebo. toothbrush: cepillo de dientes, el cepillo de dientes. tremendous: tremendo. Upton Sinclair 45 under its protection, and had become responsible for his welfare. So guileless was %he, and ignorant of the nature of business, that he did not even realize that he had become an employee of Brown's, and that Brown and Durham were supposed by all the world to be deadly rivals—were even required to be deadly rivals by the law of the land, and ordered to try to ruin each other under penalty of fine and imprisonment!

Woeful: triste como un perro, triste, lamentable, desgraciado. Upton Sinclair 29 Yet, when they saw the home of the Widow Jukniene they could not but recoil, even so. ln all their journey they had seen nothing so bad as this. " There were four such flats in each building, and each of the four was a "boardinghouse" for the occupancy of foreigners—Lithuanians, Poles, Slovaks, or Bohemians. Some of these places were kept by private persons, some were cooperative. There would be an average of half a dozen boarders to each room—sometimes there were thirteen or fourteen to one room, fifty or sixty to a flat.

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