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Data transcribed in DigiVol has many uses, including: By helping us capture this information into digital form you are helping scientists and planners better understand, utilise, manage and conserve our precious biodiversity. Austral Ecology 40, 151-159. •Basset, Y., R. The setting up of Fruit Research stations, principally those at Long Ashton, Bristol in 1903 (initially as the Cider Institute) and East Mailing, Kent in 1913, can be seen as part of the more general ‘scientific-technical revolution’, in which science became directly organised and dominated by capitalist institutions and was placed at the centre of production. [64] This process of integration is described by Braverman: Science is the last — and after labour the most important — social property to be turned into an adjunct of capital...

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Effects of Air Pollution on Forest Health and Biodiversity in Forests of the Carpathian Mountains (Nato: Life and Behavioural Sciences, 345)

Atlantic Ocean Floor (National Geographic Magazine, Vol. 133, No. 6, June 1968)

Instituting Nature: Authority, Expertise, and Power in Mexican Forests (Politics, Science, and the Environment)

At Home in the Rain Forest

National Geographic Magazine - May 1989 (Vol. 175, No. 5)

Orangutans Inhabitants of the Rainforests: Intelligent Creatures Who Clearly Have the Ability to Reason and Think (Calvendo Animals)

Twins of the Rain Forest

Food Chains and Webs -Pyramids - Biological Magnification. .. For instance, the trees of the tropical rain forest bring water up from the forest floor to be . Food-web accumulation is a special case of biomagnification, in which certain.. DDT is still used in many tropical countries for agriculture purposes and to . In the case of tropical rain forests as well as old-growth forests, certain species.. in contamination at higher levels of the food web is known as biomagnification National Geographic January 1982 National Geographic January 1982. Incorporating three research projects, the report finds that bushmeat hunting in conjunction with forest degradation imperils the ecology of the protected area. Article published by Jeremy Hance on 2012-02-08. What is the main reason as to which deforestation occurs , e.g. Life Magazine July 4, 1969 -- Cover: Neil Armstrong Life Magazine July 4, 1969 -- Cover:? Along with EPB, the project owner also prepares an Environmental Management Plan (EMP). The plan lists the mitigation strategies for the negative environmental impacts online. The Orthrus jumping spider is potentially a species new to science. Jumping spiders have good vision and use it for hunting and navigating download. Lets see what else the next weeks will have for be in terms of avian diversity. Although in my opinion roads are merely a proxy for anthropogenic (agricultural) development, but they are certainly a good indicator of follow up development and literally all large-scale deforestations in the last decade are accompanied by road construction , cited: Time Is Short and the Water Rises: Operation Gwamba: the Rescue of 10,000 animamls from certain death in a Rain Forest It was then that Laeng took matters into his own hands and built the barricade. Due to the extremely intimate relationship between government officials and timber concessionaires, many longhouses complain that the authorities are not interested in their problems Tropical Rain Forests (Biomes Around the World)

During long fallow periods the forest regenerates around the cut tree trunks which have been left behind , source: Conservation and Management of Tropical Rainforests: An Integrated Approach to Sustainability read here. J For Res 7:137–143 CrossRef Sato T, Tanouchi H, Takeshita K (1994) Initial regenerative processes of Distylium racemosum and Persea thunbergii in an evergreen broad-leaved forest. J Plant Res 107:331–337 CrossRef Satoo T (1983) Temperate broad-leaved evergreen forests in Japan The Pine Barrens It is not that this species is wanted for food or for the pet trade - it is because the local people believe that the bird can assist them in selecting a marriage partner Life Magazine August 16, 1948 Small child fishing, Spy Hearings, Imperial Valley, Queen wilhelmina, Stratocruiser, Red Rocks Music, Lehmbruck sculpture, Firefly, Brain operations, Montgomery Clift (Life Magazine, 25) Life Magazine August 16, 1948 Small. Their roots also dissipate wave energy and collects sediment that would ordinarily be deposited when the tide comes in (MAP, 2011). Despite this, mangrove forests continue to be converted to agriculture. In 2002, just over 1.2 million hectares of mangrove forests could be found in Borneo (Rautner at al, 2005), and in 2000, in the Aceh province of Sumatra, only 30,000 hectares was considered in good condition, with 25,000 hectares considered damaged, and 286,000 hectares considered to be in moderate condition (EJF, 2006) , e.g. The National Geographic Magazine, Vol. 39, No. 3 (March, 1921)

Fight for the Forest: Chico Mendez in His Own Words

The largest rainforest in the world is the Amazon rainforest in South America. Rainforests can also be found throughout Africa, Asia, Australia and Central America. All rainforests have a canopy, which is a layer of branches and leaves formed at the tops of the tall trees that make up the rainforest New England Natives: A read online The neo-environmentalists have a great advantage over the old greens, with their threatening talk about limits to growth, behavior change, and other such against-the-grain stuff: they are telling this civilization what it wants to hear LIFE Magazine - April, 1981 -- Cover: Meryl Streep This example has far-reaching implications. Today’s modern social system is vulnerable to wishful thinking not only about the magnitude of demands that ecosystems can sustain but also about the ability of modern science and technology to manipulate ecosystems to satisfy these demands Tropical rain forest: a photographer's footprint (with the book comes with CD1 sheets) (Department of up to 70 minutes from the tropical rainforest sound of Heaven) He is currently an assistant professor of Conservation Ecology at UBC, and serves on the board of directors for the Society for Conservation Biology Asia Section. The Amazon is a vast region that spans across eight rapidly developing countries: Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana, an overseas territory of France. 1.4 billion acres of dense forests, half of the planet's remaining tropical forests 2.6 million square miles in the Amazon basin, about 40 percent of South America There is a clear link between the health of the Amazon and the health of the planet National Geographic Vol. 168 No. 3 September 1985 The same thing happens with whole cities on a longer time scale. Because this example of urban growth, collapse and reorganization is as old as human civilization, the modern world’s story of population explosion and an expanding global economy is not so new, except in one very important way , source: Smallholders, Forest read pdf The 2007 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species shows there has been little success in stemming the slide of Earth's biodiversity. Gorillas, orangutans, and corals are among many plants and animals sliding closer to extinction , cited: Life Magazine: November 16, 1953 Vol. 35, No. 20

How Old Is It" Solving the Riddle of Ages; Africa's Game Parks, Plus Map Supplement; Egyptian Tombs; Changing America, A High School Melting Pot; Walruses, Arctic Giants; The Garifuna; ZipUSA Dayton, TN The Gospel Truth (National Geographic, Se

Techniques for Wildlife Habitat Management of Wetlands (Mcgraw-Hill Biological Resource Management Series)

Rain Forest Colouring Book

LIFE MAGAZINE - VOL. 58, NO. 25, JUNE 25, 1965

National Geographic, April 2005

Malaysia's Forests: A Resource without a Future


Walking the Forest with Chico Mendes: Struggle for Justice in the Amazon

Jungle Jive: Sustaining the Forests of Southeast Asia

Cambodia's Contested Forest Domain: The Role of Community Forestry in the New Millennium

"PROSPECT" for Improved Use of Tropical Timbers: A Guide to the Use of Lesser Known Timbers (Tropical Forestry Papers)

Life Magazine, August 2, 1963

Towards the Completed Landscape: Rainforests and Rural Development in Indonesia and Malaysia

Rain Forest Babies

National Geographic Magazine, January, 1991

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Guidance for Identifying Populations At Risk From Mercury Exposure ref.: LIFE Magazine - October 9, read online LIFE Magazine - October 9, 1970. View Article Google Scholar Poorter L, McDonald I, Alarcon A, Fichtler E, Licona JC, Pena-Claros M, Sterck F, Villegas Z, Sass-Klaassen U: The importance of wood traits and hydraulic conductance for the performance and life history strategies of 42 rainforest tree species download. The Arctic tundra is a cold, vast, treeless area of low, swampy plains in the far north around the Arctic Ocean. It includes the northern lands of Europe (Lapland and Scandinavia), Asia (Siberia), and North America (Alaska and Canada), as well as most of Greenland , e.g. National Geographic Magazine, read pdf Large-scale flooding could result due to a massive amount of water not being absorbed by organisms in the environment. A large amount of undiscovered species in the tropical rainforest biome could become extinct before science has a chance to discover them. The tropical rainforest cuts down on the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere, but does not increase the relative amount of oxygen because it is net oxygen neutral online. When contact with the ground is made, the young fig starts to grow, putting out more roots from its perch to the ground, and developing stems and leaves , cited: Life Magazine, August 25, 1967 One in three amphibians, one in four mammals, one in eight birds and 70% of plants so far assessed are believed to be at risk of extinction, with human alteration of their habitat the single biggest cause State of the World's Forests 2016 (SOFO): Forests and agriculture: land use challenges and opportunities download for free. However, in times of droughts they can be highly susceptible to fires (some of which may be deliberately set by people) releasing carbon into the atmosphere , source: Forest site and productivity (Forestry Sciences) DOI: 10.1111/j.1752-4571.2012.00285.x Baeten L, Verheyen K, Wirth C, Bruelheide H, Bussotti F, Finer L, Jaroszewicz B, Selvi F, Valladaresh F, Allan E, Ampoorter E, Auge H, Avacariei D, Barbaro L, Barnoaiea I, Bastias CC, Bauhus J, Beinhoff C, Benavides R, Benneter A, Berger S, Berthold F, Boberg J, Bonal D, Braggernann W, Carnol M, Castagneyrol B, Charbonnier Y, Checko E, Coomess D, Coppi A, Dalmaris E, Danila G, Dawud SM, de Vries W, De Wandeler H, Deconchat M, Domisch T, Duduman G, Fischer M, Fotelli M, Gessler A, Gimeno TE, Granier A, Grossiord C, Guyot V, Hantsch L, Hattenschwiler S, Hector A, Hermy M, Holland V, Jactel H, Joly FX, Jucker T, Kolb S, Koricheva J, Lexer MJ, Liebergesell M, Milligan H, Muller S, Muys B, Nguyen D, Nichiforel L, Pollastrini M, Proulx R, Rabasa S, Radoglou K, Ratcliffe S, Raulund-Rasmussen K, Seiferling I, Stenlid J, Vesterdal L, von Wilpert K, Zavala MA, Zielinski D, Scherer-Lorenzen M 2013 The Burning Season: The Murder download epub The constant shade comes as a result of the hovering canopy hundreds of feet above ground. The rainforest floor is an important aspect of its ecosystem National Geographic Magazine read here National Geographic Magazine (February. These large species were the ones most vulnerable to the impact of humans, but the threats have not disap- peared; although hunting may not be such a problem for the remaining, smaller lemurs, the destruction of the forests for agriculture continues at an accelerating pace LIFE Magazine - June 26, 1939 read epub LIFE Magazine - June 26, 1939.

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