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Vietnam Conflict (Hamilton Public Library, Ontario, Canada): Authors, titles, webcatalog links for 10 books, from Vietnam Fiction (Jasper County Public Library, IN): Author and title only (no summaries) for about 40 novels about or involving the Vietnam War, from Instead of reflecting, defending, and bolstering official accounts of the war, as occurred with World Wars I and II, early historical assessments of the Vietnam conflict were for the most part highly critical of U.

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Borderland Horse (Cover-To-Cover Novels)

One Minute's Silence

Blaine's Way

But it was the Welsh archers, armed with the latest and most high-tech weaponry, the long bow, that won the battle for the English. They were able to fire from distances far greater than the Scottish archers, some of whom actually used slingshots rather than bows , cited: The Keeping Room (Novel) download epub It means being surrounded by an abusive foreign army that enforces a social system indistinguishable from apartheid; confiscations of land that is then given to hundreds of thousands of Israeli settlers in Jewish-only communities linked by roads that non-Jewish residents of the West Bank (whose land was confiscated for these roads) are prohibited from using; home demolitions; torture; cities cut off from each other, closed down on a regular basis , cited: The Dog of Knots download for free But, alas! the first edge of the sun's disk that rose above the ocean saw both the beginning and the end of the fray, and the volunteers had just dreamed that they heard a cannon shot or two, when the mother of our friend burst into his room, imploring him to hide his arms, for the King's army was totally routed. ``We bustled up in a hurry,'' said our friend, ``scarcely thinking the tidings possible; when, from the window, I could see the dragoons, whose nerves had never recovered the Canter of Coltbrigg, as that retreat was called, in full rout, pursued by the whole cavalry of the Highland army, consisting of Lord Elcho, Sir Peter Threipland, and two or three gentlemen, with their grooms.'' ``In short,'' as our friend expressed himself, ``the dragoons and Highlanders divided the honours of the day, and on that occasion, at least, the race was to the swift, and the battle to the strong.'' The sleepers, thus unpleasantly alarmed, were now obliged to conceal or surrender their arms, and employ what remained of their zeal in attending to the wounded, who were brought into the clergyman's house in great numbers, dreadfully mangled by the broadswords Friend or Foe read epub

There is a third material point in which Sir Henry Steuart's system differs from general practice, not indeed, absolutely, but in degree. The only absolute requisite which the old school of transplantation enjoined, was that the tree should be taken up with as large a ball of earth as could possibly be managed. In obeying this direction, there was considerable expense incurred by the additional weight, not to mention that the transplanter was often disappointed by the ball falling to pieces by the way , source: Megiddo's Shadow read online Megiddo's Shadow. In IV Edgar the king is careful not to offend the Danes to whom he owes a great deal. Whitelock suggests that he appointed to office men he had himself advanced, rather than men belonging to old established families ref.: Postcards from No Man's Land download epub download epub. For example: The Black Heart - Mark " Mac" Macintyre is an Army helicopter pilot in Vietnam. He is also a wheeler-dealer of military equipment. But when he wins an Army helicopter in a poker game, he soon finds out that he has bitten off more than he can chew. He quickly realizes that others have their own plans for the helicopter and that they are willing to go to any length to keep it within their control Generals Die in Bed: 100th download for free

Six Men


Camp X Camp 30

Henderson's Boys 6: One Shot Kill

Around the castle, all was cold, bare, and desolate, yet tame even in desolation; but this narrow glen, at so short a distance, seemed to open into the land of romance. The rocks assumed a thousand peculiar and varied forms. In one place a crag of huge size presented its gigantic bulk, as if to forbid the passenger's farther progress; and it was not until he approached its very base, that Waverley discerned the sudden and acute turn by which the pathway wheeled its course around this formidable obstacle The Red Shoe She even becomes a very popular and successful courtesan ref.: Gleam and Glow read epub read epub. All this he had combined in his imagination the night before; but reasons, which may probably occur to the reader, prevented him from catechizing Janet in the presence of the Baron. He now commenced the task in good earnest; and the first question was, Who was the young lady that visited the hut during his illness? Janet paused for a little; and then observed, that to keep the secret now, would neither do good nor ill to anybody, ``It was just a leddy that hasna her equal in the world---Miss Rose Bradwardine.'' ``Then Miss Rose was probably also the author of my deliverance,'' inferred Waverley, delighted at the confirmation of an idea which local circumstances had already induced him to entertain. ``I wot weel, Mr Thunder Over Kandahar download pdf You can read more of Noelle’s book reviews at Rave Reviews Log A Blog Devoted to Exploring and Explaining the World of Military Science Fiction. The topic of future war is popular, and in the last few years, it has exploded The Next Name You might want to check out hard science fiction, soft science fiction, steampunk, space opera, cyberpunk, and post apocalyptic Battle Fleet (Adventures of a read pdf Caesar married his only daughter, Julia, to Pompey to consolidate their alliance; he himself married Calpurnia, the daughter of a leading member of the Popular faction Soldier and Marine comics. Issues 9 and 13. Action packed battle stories. Golden Age Digital Comics Military and War Soldier and Marine comics. Issues 9 and. Westward takes place in a universe where World War II ended with the destruction of Berlin (and, incidentally, much of Europe) by a (presumed) Soviet superweapon. The Cold War continues into the 21st century, a manned mission to Mars happened in 1974 with attempts to colonize it made by the 1980s, and Faster-Than-Light Travel is possible in 1999 (though no-one entirely understands how it works ) Girl of Kosovo Girl of Kosovo.

American Adventures: Thomas

My Mommy is a Guardsman

The Bombed House (Keystone Books)

The Diamond Ship

Powder Monkey: The Adventures of Sam Witchall

The Trojan Horse: How the Greeks Won the War (Step into Reading)

The White Zone

Good Night Captain Mama: Buenas Noches Capitán Mamá

The Runner (The Tillerman Series #4)

Time Machine 11: Mission to World War II

Peggy Larkin's War: Evacuation

A Knight of the White Cross

Soldier X

Girl of Kosovo

Shadow on the Mountain

Vango: Between Sky and Earth

The Champion

Spider Sparrow

A Foreign Field

The Third Day, the Frost (Tomorrow)

The Fighting Ground

It depicts the combat, friendship, duty, and honor on both sides as both sets of combatants work to survive, cooperate and fight each other at the same time. Frank Sinatra gives a fine performance and he directed too (only time he ever directed) Running Across the Moon read here The red field was said to represent the blood that was spilt by workers the world over in the fight for their emancipation, and was directly inherited from the red banner flown in the Paris Commune during the French Revolution ref.: King of Persia (I am the Great download epub It requires a dexterous hand and an acute eye to raise and strike him, and when this is achieved the sport is only begun, at the point where, even in trout angling, unless in case of an unusually lively and strong fish, it is at once commenced and ended ref.: Kid Soldier read here read here. In one direction they’re a marker for our fear that everything’s turning into a facsimile of real life. If you’re autistic, in theory you can’t understand other people’s motives. But even with Facebook friends, you have to keep everybody’s motives pretty simple. You airbrush your life to mask some of your embarrassing pimples and shameful motives , cited: Ebeneezer's Cousin download for free The joy of the company in the hall extended itself to the buttery, where Gregory the jester narrated such feats of arms done by himself in the fray of the morning as might have shamed Bevis and Guy of Warwick. He was, according to his narrative, singled out for destruction by the gigantic Baron himself, while he abandoned to meaner hands the destruction of St ref.: Emil and Karl read pdf read pdf. Most of the articles have been published in newspapers and magazines. This informative presentation is part of a larger site — The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum — and contains the testimonies and evidence used during this trial against Nazi physicians who conducted scientific experiments on concentration camp prisoners Ruth Fielding at the War Front read pdf Ruth Fielding at the War Front (WWI. As art enlarged its range, and the nobles were satisfied with a display of magnificence to atone for an abridgement of their power, new ornaments were successively introduced; banqueting houses were built; terraces were extended, and connected by staircases and balustrades of the richest forms Four-Four-Two Four-Four-Two. Kemble may be, therefore, considered as having, with his eyes open, made a sacrifice of fortune, of peace of mind and of the bodily ease which frequent fits of the gout rendered desirable, in order to sustain the honour of his art. The discomfort to which he was exposed never fretted his temper and not even the gout itself, mistress of men's purposes and their actions too in most cases, could conquer his strong resolution to do his duty towards the public The Navy Blues (The Bluecoats) read pdf. At length the advanced parties of the deer began to show themselves; and as the stragglers came bounding down the pass by two or three at a time, the Chiefs showed their skill by distinguishing the fattest deer, and their dexterity in bringing them down with their guns. Fergus exhibited remarkable address, and Edward was also so fortunate as to attract the notice and applause of the sportsmen Why the Whales Came download here Why the Whales Came.

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