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Interview: Derek Diedricksen, Micro-Architect and Blogger at Relaxshacks.com

Derek “Deek” Diedreksen is a tough guy to pin down. His love of tiny architecture is first on a long list of creative pursuits—including radio DJ, comic book artist, musician (currently heading a Rage Against the Machine tribute band), blogger, author and full-time dad.

His blog, Relaxshacks.com, and his book, “Simple Shacks, Humble Homes”

is devoted to micro-architecture and living in small spaces, but the structures he builds aren’t necessarily meant for living full time. Closer to forts or pods, his “Hundred-dollar-homeless huts” and greenhouse office-shelters are inspired by the salvaged materials that Deek finds in local dumps, thrift stores and second-hand building lots. A sort of D.I.Y. mad scientist, his structures have been featured in the New York Times, NPR, Readymade and Make Magazine.

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Tiny House Tour: Daniel Aragon’s “Ico” in Placerville, Colorado.

In the midst of our own building process, we’ve been gaining inspiration from other Tiny House owners around the country.

As we visit other tiny house dwellers, we learn about their unique home designs, and also the lifestyles that led them to live in just a few hundred square feet. With each interview, we’re gaining a deeper understanding of what makes a house into a home, and how building a house from scratch allows people to create a place that truly feels like their own.

Daniel Aragon lovingly calls his tiny home in Placerville, Colorado, “The Ico” because of its 12-sided shape, and it’s definitely different from most other tiny houses we’ve seen first-hand. A graduate of the Ecosa Institute of Ecological Design at Prescott College, Daniel designed the Ico himself and built it in just a few months, with a handful of friends. Continue reading “Tiny House Tour: Daniel Aragon’s “Ico” in Placerville, Colorado.” »

An Interview with Karen Chapple, Professor of Urban Planning at UC Berkeley

Tiny Houses as a Solution for Affordable Housing.

When we emailed Karen Chapple last spring, for an interview about her recently-built, net-zero small house, she wrote us back jokingly, “Join the club.”

There’s been a lot of interest in Karen’s 420-square foot house

, which she built in the backyard of her Berkeley home and currently rents out to another family. This is in part because Karen’s personal experiment in urban development is the first piece of a larger study that looks at how small houses might be a solution for affordable housing in the Bay Area.

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An Interview with Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed Tiny Houses.

You could call Jay Shafer the Johnny Appleseed of Tiny Houses.

Google “Tiny House” and he’s the first result that pops up. Most other blogs and websites related to building tiny houses and living small make at least some reference to Jay, and most DIY builders rely on the blueprints and plans that he designs and sells to make their own small homes a reality.

Jay has built a business empire out of living small, selling how-to books and blueprints for an array of original small house designs, teaching workshops around the country, and hosting bi-monthly open houses at his own small home in Groton, California. By providing ready-made plans and an example of how it’s done, Jay’s made it possible for anyone to build their own home.

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