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TINY: Now available for theatrical and community screenings in US and Canada.

Hi everyone,

We are excited to announce that TINY is now available for nationwide theatrical, community and educational screenings through our distributor, First Run Features. This means that the film is now available for public screenings across the US and Canada. (The film will also become available on DVD and other forms of home entertainment early this summer – more updates to come on that soon.)

If you’re interested in bringing TINY to your community, let us know! Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

How can I bring TINY to my local indie movie theater?

If there is an independent theater in your town that often hosts documentaries and other small films, and if you think they might be interested in hosting a screening of TINY, we would ask you to contact them to find out if they might consider booking the film for one or more nights. If they are indeed interested, you can pass their contact information along to us (by emailing speakthunderfilms@gmail.com). We can provide any additional info about the film and we’ll put them in touch with our distributor, who will work out the logistics.

If you don’t have a local independent movie theater but still want to bring TINY to the Big Screen in your town, keep in mind that local museums and educational institutions sometimes host film series.


How can I host a screening of TINY in my community?

If you would like to host a screening of TINY for a small community group, we can make that happen to! Just write to us at speakthunderfilms@gmail.com and we’ll put you in touch with our distributor to figure out the details. They’ll need to know how many people you think will attend the screening, whether it would be open to the public or a private event, and whether it would be free or if you plan to charge admission. The sponsoring community group would be responsible for providing the venue and equipment, and our distributor will provide a copy of the film.


How can I show TINY to my students or stock it in my local or school library?

TINY is great in classrooms, for all different grade levels. We’ve been honored to participate in very lively screenings and discussions at elementary schools, high schools, and at universities. Each age group finds something in the story to be excited about, and teachers and professors see the film as a fun and interesting way to introduce environmental and sustainability topics to their students, as well as questions about architecture and design.

An educational version of TINY is available and also comes packaged with a copy of our ebook and a recommended discussion guide. If you would like to bring TINY to your school library, classroom or university, email us at speakthunderfilms@gmail.com and we’ll help to make it happen.

Why Did We Choose to Build a Tiny House, Rather than Buy an RV or Mobile Home?

As our project has gotten a bit more mainstream press over these last few weeks, one question we’ve seen pop up again and again in the comments sections of blogs and news posts has been: why did we choose to build a tiny house from scratch rather than buy an RV or a mobile home?

“Coulda bought a single-wide and saved yourselves 1o months of labor.”

Well, yes. This is definitely true. But for us, building our own house from scratch was kind of the whole point. We wanted to see how we would be changed by committing to a project of this size and scale and seeing it through. Christopher and I wanted to know: how would our idea of ‘home’ change when we set out to build our own, from start to finish, with our own hands? After almost a year of pushing ourselves to stick with it, we’re starting to find out. For us, this was about learning exactly how much time and effort and resources go into the literal roof over our heads.  Continue reading “Why Did We Choose to Build a Tiny House, Rather than Buy an RV or Mobile Home?” »