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A Glimpse Inside “The Boulder” Tiny House

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For our Colorado Front Range premiere this past month, we invited local company Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses to display one of their models, aptly called “The Boulder” at our two screenings in Denver and Boulder.

We loved meeting designer/builder Greg Parham, of Durango, and were seriously impressed by the attention to detail in this home, and the beautiful combination of rustic and modern materials.

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TINY Open House in Boulder: Saturday, April 28.

On April 28, to celebrate the completion of our tiny house, we hosted an open house at McGuckin Hardware in downtown Boulder, Colorado. Continue reading “TINY Open House in Boulder: Saturday, April 28.” »

Autumn in Colorado.

There’s this one video clip from back in April that makes Christopher and I laugh every time we see it.

It’s from one of the first interviews that we filmed, in Christopher’s kitchen, a few days after he’d bought the trailer and begun building. “How long exactly do you think this project will take you?” I asked and Christopher replied, without missing a beat, “About two, maybe three months.”

That was seven months ago.

Yet, the progress has been steady on both the house and the film, and our—slightly more realistic—finish date is now projected for the end of this year. The up-side of this is that we get to share some gorgeous Autumn photography with you, from out at the building site, on Christopher’s land, and also from some filming shoots that we’ve done in other areas of Colorado. Enjoy!


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Beetle Kill Pine Siding: A Local, Sustainable Option.

Siding Stacked Up

Siding Stacked Up

Today, I picked up the siding for the tiny house.

At the beginning of this project, we decided to use reclaimed and other environmentally friendly materials as much as possible. One of my reasons for building the house in the first place was to live closer to the Western landscape that I love. Since this house was inspired by my appreciation for the land, I want to do everything that I can to help preserve it, by building in a sustainable way. Hopefully, this project will help to show how inexpensive and easy it can be to build a house sustainably.

When choosing siding, we decided to go with Beetle Kill Pine (also known as “blue-stain pine tongue and groove”). It’s called “Blue Stain” because of the blue-ish tint of the wood, which is milled from Lodge Pole Pine trees that have been killed by the bark beetles plaguing forests in this part of the country. Continue reading “Beetle Kill Pine Siding: A Local, Sustainable Option.” »

The Land: Hartsel, Colorado.

Last weekend, we headed up to the land for the first time this spring, to do some filming and to mark out a driveway.

It’s been a rainy few weeks in Colorado. It was drizzling in Boulder as we left, but the clouds broke as we drove up into the mountains. We stopped at the super market in Fairplay and bought some egg salad and a loaf of bread to make sandwiches. Up at the land, we filmed at interview and blocked out a vague idea of where the driveway should come in. It got windy around 4pm and massive dark clouds began to roll in. We packed up. By the time we stopped in Fairplay for coffee on our way home, it was snowing.


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