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Autumn in Colorado.

There’s this one video clip from back in April that makes Christopher and I laugh every time we see it.

It’s from one of the first interviews that we filmed, in Christopher’s kitchen, a few days after he’d bought the trailer and begun building. “How long exactly do you think this project will take you?” I asked and Christopher replied, without missing a beat, “About two, maybe three months.”

That was seven months ago.

Yet, the progress has been steady on both the house and the film, and our—slightly more realistic—finish date is now projected for the end of this year. The up-side of this is that we get to share some gorgeous Autumn photography with you, from out at the building site, on Christopher’s land, and also from some filming shoots that we’ve done in other areas of Colorado. Enjoy!






And because it’s Autumn in Colorado, a few shots of our first snowstorm, on October 25:

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