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April: Upcoming Screenings in Minneapolis, Toronto, and Boston.

On the heels of our SXSW premiere in Austin, Texas last month, we are excited to continue sharing the film with audiences around the country!

Here are the upcoming screenings scheduled for the month of April, along with links to purchase tickets:

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota:

Thursday, April 25, 7:30pm (click dates for more info and to purchase tickets)
Saturday, April 27, 4:10pm

Toronto, Canada:

Sunday, April 28, 9:15pm (click dates for more info and to purchase tickets)
Monday, April 29, 4:00pm

Las recetas de El Comidista

Sunday, May 5, 1:30pm
Energía: desarrollos tecnológicos en la protección medioambiental (Economía - Serie Especial)
Conversaciones con Dios 1 (CLAVE)

Boston, Massachusetts:

Sunday, April 28, 9:00pm at The Somerville Theatre

La Gran Compañía Catalana de Roger de Flor.: Fuentes griegas sobre su estancia y actividad en Bizancio
(click for info and to purchase tickets)

We hope to see you there, and will be announcing other screenings in coming months soon! If you don’t live in any of these cities but know people who do, and who might be interested to see the film, feel free to share this link. A DIY, grassroots project through-and-through, we’re relying on word of mouth to let people know where and when they can see the film.


Mejoras En La Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Provision de Agua, Cloacas, Desagues y Adoquinado. Proyecto del Poder Ejecutivo. Informe de La Comision ... Contrato Celebrado Por La Municipalidad.
, Making the Film

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