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An Interview with Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed Tiny Houses.

You could call Jay Shafer the Johnny Appleseed of Tiny Houses.

Google “Tiny House” and he’s the first result that pops up. Most other blogs and websites related to building tiny houses and living small make at least some reference to Jay, and most DIY builders rely on the blueprints and plans that he designs and sells to make their own small homes a reality.

Jay has built a business empire out of living small, selling how-to books and blueprints for an array of original small house designs, teaching workshops around the country, and hosting bi-monthly open houses at his own small home in Groton, California. By providing ready-made plans and an example of how it’s done, Jay’s made it possible for anyone to build their own home.

We met Jay at his home in Sonoma County last March, and filmed a short interview in the living room of his 89-square foot “Epu.” A reporter from the New Yorker was also visiting that day, and sat scribbling in the background while we conducted our interview (we’re looking forward to reading the article!)

Jay's Tiny House in Sonoma County, CA

Jay's Tiny House in Sonoma County, CA


Here’s a quick sneak peek of the interview with Jay. Stay tuned for more excerpts:

Jay Shafer on American House Culture from TINY on Vimeo.

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