a story about living small

A film by Merete Mueller and Christopher Smith


TINY: Now available for theatrical and community screenings in US and Canada.

Hi everyone,

We are excited to announce that TINY is now available for nationwide theatrical, community and educational screenings through our distributor, First Run Features. This means that the film is now available for public screenings across the US and Canada. (The film will also become available on DVD and other forms of home entertainment early this summer – more updates to come on that soon.)

If you’re interested in bringing TINY to your community, let us know! Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

How can I bring TINY to my local indie movie theater?

If there is an independent theater in your town that often hosts documentaries and other small films, and if you think they might be interested in hosting a screening of TINY, we would ask you to contact them to find out if they might consider booking the film for one or more nights. If they are indeed interested, you can pass their contact information along to us (by emailing speakthunderfilms@gmail.com

). We can provide any additional info about the film and we’ll put them in touch with our distributor, who will work out the logistics.

If you don’t have a local independent movie theater but still want to bring TINY to the Big Screen in your town, keep in mind that local museums and educational institutions sometimes host film series.


How can I host a screening of TINY in my community?

If you would like to host a screening of TINY for a small community group, we can make that happen to! Just write to us at speakthunderfilms@gmail.com and we’ll put you in touch with our distributor to figure out the details. They’ll need to know how many people you think will attend the screening, whether it would be open to the public or a private event, and whether it would be free or if you plan to charge admission. The sponsoring community group would be responsible for providing the venue and equipment, and our distributor will provide a copy of the film.


How can I show TINY to my students or stock it in my local or school library?

TINY is great in classrooms, for all different grade levels. We’ve been honored to participate in very lively screenings and discussions at elementary schools, high schools, and at universities. Each age group finds something in the story to be excited about, and teachers and professors see the film as a fun and interesting way to introduce environmental and sustainability topics to their students, as well as questions about architecture and design.

An educational version of TINY is available and also comes packaged with a copy of our ebook and a recommended discussion guide. If you would like to bring TINY to your school library, classroom or university, email us at speakthunderfilms@gmail.com and we’ll help to make it happen.

Where Are We (and our house) Now? A TINY Update Two Years Later.

Christopher Merete Building Tiny House Colorado


It’s hard to believe that Christopher and I finished our Tiny House almost two years ago! There were so many moments during the building process when it seemed like the to do list would just keep unfolding and we’d be working on our sweet little Tiny forever…

But we did finish and that year-long process has become just one chapter out of so many in our lives, though one that impacted and shaped us in major ways.

One of the most frequently asked questions that we get at Q&As when we show the film is, “Are you living in the tiny house now?” Since we want the film to be a standalone story, depicting one moment in time (the way that sometimes it’s nice just to experience a painting without knowing the whole backstory of the artist’s life or how it was painted) we’ve hesitated to post too much online about our lives post-film, so as not to spoil the experience of seeing that story unfold on screen. But for those of you who have already seen the film or have been following us online for quite some time now, here’s an update on where we’ve been and where we are now, as of May 2014:  Continue reading “Where Are We (and our house) Now? A TINY Update Two Years Later.” »

Upcoming Screenings: March 2014



Upcoming Screenings of TINY during the month of March 2014

March 2, 11:00am:
Oneota FIlm Festival (Decorah, IA)

March 6, 8:00pm:
Cinema Orange Film Series, Orange County Museum of Art (Newport Beach, California)
* Merete on Skype for Q&A

March 7, 7:00pm:
University of Wyoming (Laramie, Wyoming)
* Christopher in-person for Q&A

March 8, 1:00pm
One Earth Film Festival (Oak Park, Illinois)

March 21, 6:30pm:
Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capitol (Washington, DC)
* Christopher & Merete in-person for Q&A

March 25, Time TBD:
EcoFocus Film Festival (Athens, GA)
* Christopher in-person for Q&A

A Glimpse Inside “The Boulder” Tiny House

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 5.25.45 PM


For our Colorado Front Range premiere this past month, we invited local company Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses to display one of their models, aptly called “The Boulder” at our two screenings in Denver and Boulder.

We loved meeting designer/builder Greg Parham, of Durango, and were seriously impressed by the attention to detail in this home, and the beautiful combination of rustic and modern materials.

Continue reading “A Glimpse Inside “The Boulder” Tiny House” »

Upcoming Screenings: February 2014

TINY documentary SXSW Alamo drafthouse


Where to See TINY During the month of February:

Princeton Environmental Film Festival (Princeton, NJ)
Friday, February 7 at 4:00pm
* Merete in-person for Q&A

Boulder International Film Festival (Boulder, CO)
Sunday, February 16 at 10:00am
* Merete & Christopher in-person for Q&A

Doc Night at Denver Film Society (Denver, CO)
Tuesday, February 18 at 7:00pm
* Merete & Christopher in-person for Q&A

Big Sky Documentary Film Festival (Missoula, MT)
Thursday, February 20 at 7:00pm
* Merete & Christopher in-person for Q&A

Michigan Technological University Green Film Series (Houghton, Michigan)
Thursday, February 20 at 7:00pm




For the Holidays: TINY-themed Letterpress Printed Greeting Cards


One of the main themes of the Tiny House and downsizing movements is the celebration of quality, hand-crafted and thoughtful gestures. In this spirit, we’ve decided to make and offer these Tiny House-themed, letterpress printed notecards.

Designed and printed in small batches by our friends at Banshee Press in Denver, we hope these cards will inspire you to put pen to paper and send a note to someone you care about.

Taking the time to sit down and cultivate a relationship with a few handwritten sentences is a simple gesture, but one that goes a long way toward building a life that feels satisfying and full.

Find more details about the cards or order a set here.

Happy Holidays!

Merete & Christopher



TINY Premieres on Al Jazeera America Presents this Sunday 11/24

Screenshot of premiere times on AJAM

TINY: A Story About Living Small will have its US cable television premiere THIS SUNDAY at 9E/6P on Al Jazeera America.

It has been a wild 2 1/2 years. From when we first took the leap and decided to commit to building our Tiny House all the way through the film festival circuit, we have had such wonderful support from the Tiny House community and all of those who are inspired by simple living around the world. All of the support we have received while making the film drives us to get it out there as soon as possible. And while we have been happy to share it with those people who happen to live in communities around the world where it has screened in festivals, we have been dying to make TINY available for everyone to see and hopefully be inspired by. So when we say that we are thrilled to be able to present TINY on Sunday to US audiences, you can trust that we mean it.

Two things to note: 1) Al Jazeera America is a relatively new 24hr news channel similar to CNN. It is available on most satellite and cable television netowrks but you will have to check your local provider to find out for sure. 2) For the television version only, TINY has been shortened a bit so that it can fit in an one hour time slot. The official version is actually about 10 minutes longer.

Now, we know a lot of people don’t have cable television or do not get Al Jazeera America. For you we hope to be able to make TINY available online for you stream or download sometime in the near future. Also, DVDs are still coming and will be available soon. Hang in there!

For Canadians: TINY premiered on the CBC Documentary channel last weekend, but check with them as they plan on airing repeats of TINY through out the next year. It will also be available in Canada on iTunes and other digital platforms very soon!

November: Upcoming Screenings


Where to See TINY During the Month of November:

American Conservation Film Festival, West Virginia:
Saturday November 2, 1:15pm
Sunday November 3, 4:50pm

Driftless Film Festival, Mineral Point, Wisconsin:
Saturday November 9, 4:00pm
* Local Tiny House builder Hannah Adams will be present for Q&A

Mt. Hood Film Festival, Hood River, Oregon:
Saturday November 9, 4:00pm

Festival of Moving Media, Guelph, Canada:
Sunday November 10, 4:30pm
* Post-film discussion led by progressive city planner on how to live “tiny” in Guelph.

Ojai Film Festival, California:
Saturday November 9, 12:30pm
Monday November 11, 12:30pm
* Local Tiny House builder (and friend!) Vina Lustado will be displaying her newly completed Tiny House

Napa Valley Film Festival, California:
Friday November 15, 9:30pm
* Tiny House Blog editor Kent Griswold and Tiny House owners (and characters in the film) Catherine Zola Allen & Pacifico Lima will be present for Q&A

DOC NYC, New York City:
Saturday November 16, 4:00pm
* Both Christopher and Merete will be present for Q&A. Celebratory party to follow screening!