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An example of a portrait of us in front of our tiny house in Colorado.

Do you live in a tiny house? Send us your portrait to be included in a documentary about the tiny house movement!

When this project first began, it was much smaller. Storytellers by trade, we thought we’d capture the process of building our own tiny house to make a short film. But, as we began to draw our plans and looked to the thriving online tiny house community for design inspiration and how-to help, we began to realize how far-reaching and incredible the tiny house movement really is. This is when we realized that we could use our own building story to tell a much larger story, of the thousands of people around the country who are finding satisfaction in living smaller and more simply.

The Best of the Best, Volume 1: 20 Years of the Year's Best Science Fiction
Filming a portrait of John Wells at “The Field Lab.”

Over a year later, as we wrap up the editing process and get ready to release the film, we want to be sure that we can include as many other tiny housers as possible. We’ve already interviewed a handful of key characters (people like Tammy & Logan of RowdyKittens in Portland, and Deek Diedricksen of RelaxShacks in Massachusetts), but we know that the tiny house movement is a widespread phenomenon. We want our viewers to understand that there’s a huge demographic of people out there who are going small.

A portrait of Anne & Darren in “Protohaus.”

If you live in a tiny house (we don’t have a strict definition for “tiny house,” but are focusing mainly on homes that are less than 400 square feet), we would love to include you in our film.

To be included, please send us a photo portrait of you and your family with your tiny house.

Here are the specifics of what we’re looking for:
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