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TINY Open House in Boulder: Saturday, April 28.

On April 28, to celebrate the completion of our tiny house, we hosted an open house at Differential-Algebraic Equations: Analysis and Numerical Solution (EMS Textbooks in Mathematics)  in downtown Boulder, Colorado. Wordsworth's poetic collections, supplementary writing and parodic reception

Why Did We Choose to Build a Tiny House, Rather than Buy an RV or Mobile Home?

Second Language Writing Systems (Second Language Acquisition (Buffalo, N.Y.))

As our project has gotten a bit more mainstream The Spirit of Islam: A History of the Evolution and Ideals of Islam over these last few weeks, one question we’ve seen pop up again and again in the comments sections of blogs and news posts has been: why did we choose to build a tiny house from scratch rather than buy an RV or a mobile home?

“Coulda bought a single-wide and saved yourselves 1o months of labor.”

Well, yes. This is definitely true. But for us, building our own house from scratch was kind of the whole point. We wanted to see how we would be changed by committing to a project of this size and scale and seeing it through. Christopher and I wanted to know: how would our idea of ‘home’ change when we set out to build our own, from start to finish, with our own hands? After almost a year of pushing ourselves to stick with it, we’re starting to find out. For us, this was about learning exactly how much time and effort and resources go into the literal roof over our heads.  Continue reading “Why Did We Choose to Build a Tiny House, Rather than Buy an RV or Mobile Home?” »