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The Spark: A Mother's Story of Nurturing Genius

Ordered Sets and Lattices
Photo by Kevin Hoth

We couldn’t have done it without every single person who ‘liked’ the video, tweeted or posted the Kickstarter page to facebook, every single blogger who wrote about and shared it, every person who commented and sent us messages and most especially—every single person who donated to the project.

Not only did we reach our goal, we surpassed it by 147% for a final total of $11,062.00! Every penny of which will be used on post-production expenses, paying our team for their great work, and film festival submissions.

And a few special shout-outs to a few special people who have supported us from the beginning, and really had a major impact on the final turnout of the campaign:

Andrew and Crystal Odom of Tiny r(E)volution

Allie Bombach & Sarah Menzies of Healthcare Reform in America: A Reference Handbook, 2nd Edition (Contemporary World Issues) and Red Reel Video

Kent Griswold of Quantum Probability and Related Topics (Vol VIII)

Alex Pino of Tiny House Talk

Waylon Lewis and Kate Bartolotta of elephantjournal.com

Anna Brones of Power Circuit Breaker Theory and Design (Iee Power Enginering)

Karen Worden and David Branin of FilmCourage.com

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

Derek Diedrickson, of relaxshacks.com who donated 3 original tiny house sketches as special rewards.

Kevin Harrington of CozyHomePlans.com, who donated a tiny house plan as a special reward.

Happy holidays everyone and we’ll be in touch soon about fulfilling each of your rewards.

A Kickstarter Update: Exceeding Our Expectations

Last night, Christopher and I were huddled on a cold bus back from Denver, checking our email when we received the notice that one large donation had come in, tipping us over our Kickstarter goal.

We smacked a huge high-five and breathed a deep sigh of gratitude. We couldn’t have done it without every single person who has shared our link, ‘liked’ our video, and pulled out their credit cards to back this labor of love.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the project thus far, we will be able to cover most of our post-production costs, including sound editing and recording our original score, and professional color correction. These elements will help to make the film as high-quality as possible, immersing our viewers in the experience of small living. Huge thanks to everyone who has made this possible!

But Wait—We Still Have 8 Days….

We made 100%, but we’re not stopping there! Continue reading “A Kickstarter Update: Exceeding Our Expectations” »

Drawn from the Ground: Sound, Sign and Inscription in Central Australian Sand Stories (Language, Culture & Cognition, Volume 13)

The following letter was written by Merete as a Thanksgiving note to our Kickstarter backers and followers.

(You can find our project on Kickstarter along with more info about contributing here.)

Assesssing Skills and Practice (Key Guides for Effective Teaching in Higher Education)

In small spaces, it’s true that there’s often more to be thankful for. Not because there’s more, but because the meaningful things stand out.

Thoreau—whom you might say was the original tiny house builder—moved to his woodsy cabin to “confront the essential facts of life.” To find out what he could and couldn’t live without, and how that knowledge might affect the way that he lived every day.

I like to think of Thanksgiving as serving the same purpose—a day devoted to stopping and taking stock of everything we actually have. Which, when we stop to think about it, is usually quite a lot.  Continue reading “A Kickstarter Update: Thanksgiving Gratitude” »